Fake it until you make it!

We have all heard this statement somehow or another in life. But faking doesn’t necessarily mean pretending, does it? Well, in the end we have to truly believe it and that’s definitely not easy!

You don’t become a race car driver over night, or at least I have never heard about anybody being that lucky. It’s a long way to go with many ups and downs. But that’s what life is all about anyways. The thing is this, you can become a race car driver over night. No! You have to!

And indeed, we have to become a race car driver over night, but not on the track, but instead in our heads! I know, you don’t have to tell me. It’s impossible, it’s expensive, it’s all of that and maybe even more. You don’t have to tell us, really! But where do we start? We start in our head. It’s our imagination. It’s what we see, feel, hear and taste when we close our eyes and be there, at the race of our life.

I have this urge to burst out those fancy quotes we all know! “Now or never!” “What are you waiting for?” “Life is too short!” But that’s pointless. Those are just words. Not more and not less. It’s not what they mean that is so important, it’s what they change within you. “Do you have what it takes?” Or is that not even important anyways? And indeed, it’s not! You do not need to already have what it takes. You just need to know who you are and what you want to achieve. The rest will come automatically.

I don’t want this to sound too philosophical and somewhere out of place, but we have to understand. It’s us that is standing in our way. We are the ones that have to take the next steps! And so, yes, I want you to become a race car driver right now! Right now? Yes! Because if not now, then when? Life is too short, you remember?

I want you to wake up tomorrow feeling like Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen. No, of course not! We have a long way to go until feeling like that. But tomorrow, we have to start feeling like a race car driver.

People ask me if I drive always like that after we went through a couple of roundabouts and corners and of course my true and honest answer is yes! That’s how I drive every single day. Always! And why? Because that’s in my blood! That’s my DNA. I drive as perfect as possible, always on the ideal line, always in control, always focused, always within the limits of what is possible, meaning both, the law and the physics.

I am a race car driver.

It might help to repeat it a couple of times. And I am not even joking! Don’t pretend to be a race car driver. Be a race car driver. Live it! Represent it. Believe it!

See you next time!

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