It’s this time of the year again.

WOOOHOOOOO! It’s the 31st of October! But don’t worry! No! I have not changed to the dark side. My opinion about this nonsense is still the same. Good! We are on the same page now! Perfect!

The thing I don’t understand is this, why!?

Are we all really that dumb? Are we really that easy to manipulate? Or am I the only one wondering. Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, you name it, people seem to always need reason to enjoy life and have a little party. They need something to look forward to.

And so, millions of people are doing the very same thing all together. Get dressed up as spooky creatures and party the heck out of them. For me, I just don’t get! But that’s fine because I am strange anyways. Do I wish it would be different? Actually yes and no! There were times in my life when I felt pretty much lonely. And I do not make a secret out of that. But why don’t you just go there? Do what the others are doing? Well, I can’t! It’s just not who I am! It’s not what I want.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

And so I am sitting here alone in my room writing this text with a smile on my face. I am closer to my goals than ever before. I had a wonderful day, meeting a friend from the US and showing him the city and area around. But that’s just me pretending to say that everything is fine when obviously, it’s not. Is it? No! I mean, yes. I mean, it’s fine. I am used to this! I have goals to reach! I can’t waste my time with this nonsense! There comes a point in someones life when we have to decide. Where is our limit. Where do we stop?

If you are asking me, understanding more about life doesn’t necessarily make it better. No, in fact it just makes it worse. You will see the problems more clearly. You will understand what is wrong about your life and what you should change in order to get back in control.

Don’t enjoy life if you can enjoy it. Don’t stress yourself out! It’s not worth the effort and for sure, in the end, the problems might change, but there will come even more the further up you are going.

And with that said it’s time to say good night! Enjoy your halloween! You deserve it!

See you next time!

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