There always has to come something new!

And indeed, a daily blog lives from its content. If you don’t have anything interesting to share, well, the followers will leave! The pressure is on, my friend! The pressure is there!

What’s next?

That’s a question which we should ask ourselves more often. In life, at work, in our projects. Will there come something mind blowing coming soon? Isn’t the blog mind-blowing already?! Just kidding of course! I know that the blog isn’t bad at all, but simultaneously I also know that it is not brilliant. Maybe it’s good on some days, but definitely not on everyone. But that’s life, right? Ups and downs! But I have to get to the point!

With the winter month coming up, of course I will do a Christmas special again! I mean come on, the story has to continue. And with that said, a lot of time investment is needed. Will I introduce other things to the blog? Of course, but I am currently struggling finding the right idea. Don’t get me wrong, the ideas are great, but that was the same opinion I had about other ideas which weren’t great after all. With just so little feedback about the project and everything, it’s so hard to figure out what the blog urgently needs and what not.

Photo by Jeff Stapleton on Pexels.com

But don’t worry! New and exiting topics are waiting for us! I have decided to introduce new categories and widen up the portfolio of topics. Will this help the blog in order to grow? Of course! But at the same time I like the project just as it is. I do my thing, trying my best to help you, but at the end of the day this blog is focusing on me. It helps me to keep on track and reach my goals. One after the other.

What’s also new?

A new way of writing my blog. With time being a valuable thing these days I was able to increase the efficiency level of my writing by at least 20%. Not that much you might think, but God is it helping me to enjoy the process even better.

I know where I have to improve and figure out a better writing quality. I know where I want to go. And hey, comparing this project with what I did two years ago, well, it’s just so much better, don’t you think?

See you next time!

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