It all starts within us.

Succeeding and failing are closer to each other than we might think. One small detail can make the difference altogether. A successful meditation session starts where? Right! In our head. But not the moment when we start to get ready! No! The process starts in our head way before all of that. It may start right now!

Do you believe in your meditation practice? Do you know which state of mind you want to achieve? Or do you just do it because someone told you? Because you have seen it online? Because you think it might help?

I tell you this! If you do not believe in what you are doing, it will not work out in the end. It might work for a couple of days, weeks, sometimes even years. But one day you will understand that you have been doing something wrong.

Photo by Marx Ilagan on Pexels.com

The good thing about meditating is that it doesn’t need a ton of money, preparation or anything like that. Just take a seat and that’s it! And to be precise, you do not even need a certain kind of meditating practice. You can just sit there, naturally and start to focus on yourself. We all breath automatically! There is no need to control your breath work. Just listen to yourself. Understand what you are thinking. Let go!

See you next time!

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