What sounds like a stupid question is not that stupid after all.

What are we doing with all the money that is left over at the end of the month? What?! There is money supposed to be leftover? There is something coming out of the equation?! Are you serious?! Well, at least that’s what we would expect! Why should we work like mad men and women when there is nothing leftover at the end of the month? There just has to be something coming out of the equation and if there is really nothing left, well, you may should consider reevaluating your spendings more careful next time!

Ok, so let’s just assume there is something leftover! What should we do with it?

Buying a Porsche vs. Investing?

A tricky question, a difficult topic, a strange situation. Or when we have started to actually talk about money in this society? I guess the Porsche part of the question is very easy to answer! If you have the money leftover and don’t care, why not! But if you are trying to make a good deal, well, you shouldn’t just get any car but instead something special. Something that keeps its value, or even better, increases its value. Of course the Porsche is just the example for a product which we don’t really need in life but definitely want. It represents the first option we always have called “consuming”. Spending it all no matter what! At least we don’t have to care too much about the money that is leftover because there will be nothing leftover! Well, the alternative? Investing!

Photo by Alesia Kozik on Pexels.com

Dubious men in suits, screens full of statistics and bar charts. Investing doesn’t need to be this Wall Street meets drug addicted broker experience we all know from the movies, but still, it’s just not the thing we regularly do. Or at least I have close to nothing to do with it. For me, it’s this complex world of numbers and words I don’t really understand. A lack of intelligence? No, at least not necessarily. But a lack of interest! It’s just not my thing, you know. I don’t even have the time! But that’s the problem that I see. There are millions of ways how to invest. But it doesn’t matter how many there are. The question is just this, what is the best investment for us.

For years I had this concept of what I will do! Ok, maybe it was even more than just a concept. I had a plan! I knew exactly what I would do! But now? Well, things are changing! The market went against me. Porsches are expensive as never before. Loosing my money no matter what? Na! Honestly, that’s not what I want! That’s not how I will enjoy the experience! I have seen it before with other people, I just don’t even want to walk that road!

But what to do know? Investing the money in what? Gold? Aluminum? Companies? Or taking the classical way? Building a house, buying an apartment? As you can see, I just don’t know yet! But that’s the fun part about life. There is always another challenge waiting for us around the corner.

Well, we will see what options I find. Stay tuned for more.

See you next time!

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