6 am, here we go again.

It’s just a cliche and I know about that! But I always got up early! I can still remember the weekends when I was a little child. Sneaking out of my room and secretly watching TV until my parents would eventually get up. Later on in life this getting up early became a habit of mine. Not because someone told me to, but because this is my way to go!

We have all heard about this topic. Successful people are said to always getting up early! And for sure, people have tried to adapt this lifestyle. But honestly, if you don’t get the message in life it will just not work out anyways! Ignoring my tendency to wake up early in my youth, I quickly realized the real reason why I should get up early every single day.

I get up early because others don’t.

It sounds funny, but is a big deal. Back in the old days when I was working “at” a company, meaning that I really had to be there “physically”, it took me precisely 8 minutes to get there. And sure, if you would know the distance and layout of the road you would start to wonder how. Sure, I am doing all these amateur race car driver things, but still, it’s just not very realistic. I mean, alone the traffic into the city is hell multiplied by three. I had four traffic lights to take! That’s just not possible!

Well, at 7 am or 8 am. Sure! It’s not possible! But before 6 am, it was!

Ok, ok! It happened by accident. But I realized driving through the night one warm summer night that the traffic lights on my route are sleeping in the night. Sure, I wasn’t really thinking much about this until I started to wonder. When do the traffic lights spring back to life? Being an engineer, of course there was just one way to figure it out. Well, to make the story short, it was precisely 6 am.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell us that you woke up early in order to avoid waiting a couple of minutes at some traffic lights? Ehm, yes! But of course at around 6 am, there is just nobody on the streets so I could work on my driving skills taking the roundabouts a bit quicker than usual.

But it wasn’t as easy as this! At work I wasn’t allowed to start before 6 am. Meaning that I couldn’t just drive to work at 5:30 am to avoid the traffic lights, no, I needed to have the perfect timing! If I was at work too early, I would waste my time and could have slept longer, but if I was there too late, I needed to stop at the traffic lights. What a dreadful situation. Well, normal people wouldn’t even notice, but no, no, no! I am not stoping at this traffic light! I will be there just in time! Every single day.

Well, today, I don’t physically need to go to work. I am just waking up, starting the computer and that’s it! So, I could sleep longer! Sure! But here we go again!

I get up early because others don’t.

I get up and can work without anybody disturbing me! I don’t know what you are doing for a living, but being a project engineer in the automotive industry means that you have thousands of meetings all day long. The big question? When are you supposed to actually do something? Well, that’s the issue! And if I wouldn’t get up at 6 am, honestly, I really don’t know how I should be able to do my job properly!

I get up early because I have reasons to do so! If you don’t have a reason, you will not continue doing it! No matter what it is in life. Find your reasons and your life will change automatically! But please, don’t follow the advice of wannabe life coaches out there. If you are not a morning person, you will have a hard time becoming one! I don’t say that it is impossible, but I highly doubt if it is necessary!

See you next time!

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