“A strange world we are living in!”, he exclaimed energetically. Yes, this was his favorite opener. “But why is everything so complicated?”, he asked the audience suspiciously, forcing his eyes to stare into the bright spotlight that was chasing him up and down the stage. “Isn’t life fascinating? Full of mysteries and secrets!”

The applaud wasn’t particularly glamorous that night, but he couldn’t care less. It was his 17th or so time doing the very same talk and honestly, he was just happy that there wasn’t another talk scheduled yet. His car was waiting for him in the car park below, but first he needed to get get rid of all these fans surrounding him. The pictures were the worst. But a man got to do what a man got to do. God he hated this part of the job.

It was already late when he entered the car park. He lost track of time quite regularly but his wife got used to it anyways. An empty bed before midnight? That was the common rule. But today his watch indicated a new personal record, pointing straight at the four already. After the engine sprang into life, the car climbed up the left wind spiral towards the world above the ground. As the first sun rays greeted him warmly, he knew that he was in trouble. Happy wife, happy life. But this time, some silly flowers will probably do not do the job. His life was perfect, or at least that was the expectations others had. How could it be otherwise? Success and money equals happiness, but little did they know. Little did they know about his reality. A world in which nothing seemed to be as it might look.

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

As he left the outskirts of the city behind him the morning light seemed to be as strong as never before. He couldn’t even see a damn thing when it happened. But it went all so quickly they later told him. He woke up in hospital around three weeks ago. At least he could still remember this. For everything else, there was just an empty black hole containing of nothing. “It will come back one day”, the men in the strange outfits reassured him day by day, but this didn’t satisfy him after all. “A strange world we are living in!”, he exclaimed rapidly, looking at the woman that was visiting him every day.

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