Of course many of you have already guessed it. This can not be real! How can I do a daily blog for 883 days in a row and counting? That’s just not possible! And indeed, that would have been my opinion as well, 884 days ago.

I have already talked about the beginning of this nonsense. That I had absolutely no clue about what I was doing. I stumbled into this blogging world and honestly, I still do not even feel at home. Reading? That’s just not my thing! You know! I can force myself to read, sure! But for no money in the world would I do it on a regular basis. And so it’s quite fascinating, at least for me, that I have developed this passion for writing, when I do not even enjoy reading and have in fact a writing disability.

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But that’s the thing. I just always loved the process of writing. Not hand writing. No writing exercises. No, just typing. A fancy story. An idea. Whatever came to mind basically. And in English of course. I am German by the way, but you may have noticed by the bad pronunciation you have started to give me the moment you read this. It’s just my style of writing and nobody can stop me.

Fun fact: You will be disappointed talking with me in English. My pronunciation is superb and not German after all.

“But how do you do it then? This daily blog? And who is doing it when you are on vacation?”

Well, I can not even remember the last time I had a vacation. Oh, sorry! Wrong! It was Italy, lake Garda for wind surfing. But probably 5 years ago. So, I just don’t stop and I don’t miss out a single day. And honestly, that’s all it takes. You just keep on writing! Keep on doing this! Day, after day, after day.

“But why? Just why?”

I can not tell you! I have this inner drive! I have this feeling that this is the way to go. That this is what I have to do. And so, I do it! I write this blog. I write my book. I just do what I like without caring about others opinion.

I do it because I can and they can’t!

Show me the person that is investing so much time into something that gives you nothing in return. At least not financial wise! It’s just hard work! Day, after day, after day.

My secret! I don’t stop!

See you next time!

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