What the hell is happing with me? Honestly!? Why me?

Am I really that old already? Is my immune system that bad? Come on! I just don’t understand. I never had something like it before. But nobody seems to take it seriously! Well, what do I know.

Is it ok to just work the hell out of me even though I am sick? It can’t be healthy! Of course it isn’t! I know, but what can I change? Being sick for three weeks is just not an option. At least in my world. And so we just push through! It’s only 10 hours you know!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The funny thing? I always thought that men are said to do not go to the doctors. We are just sitting it out, right? Well, at least I called the doctor, but the answer wasn’t really satisfying. The doctors doesn’t make you healthy, it’s your body. Of course! But doctors these days do not even have the intension to help you, at least not all of them. You call for advise but the only thing you get is an advise for doing a covid 19 test. Sure, great advise! But how is this supposed to help me?

Well, whatever. Actually, I am not in the mood for writing right now! I hope I will feel better soon!

See you next time!

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