#894² TO THE TOP  ↑² – S1 E8 – ONE STEP AT A TIME

In life we look at other peoples achievements in awe, not realizing that this is just the logical consequence out of their doing.

A champion isn’t born a champion. A champion becomes a champion over time.

We go through life trying to understand, but not realizing the obvious. Everything is just that, a process. We want from point A to point B in life and just go there. One step at a time. It all is just that, a big show with us getting better at it day by day. Experience, knowledge, practice. Whatever we do, we get better in doing it. Automatically!

Photo by Jeffrey Czum on Pexels.com

We take things serious and forget about the fun. We try so hard, we think we fail, but in fact have just learned a big lesson about life. A lesson we needed. A lesson that helps us to keep moving forward.

Sometimes we do not feel like going anywhere. We take one step after the other but still do not move. It’s not life that is against us, it’s us missing out on something. It’s us not seeing what lays right in front of us. But life can wait. It waits for us! And once we are ready, well, things will go on.

The way to the top is a long way. Some might say an endless one. But don’t we love a good old challenge?

See you next time!

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