That’s all it takes, right?

Well, not really! I mean, don’t get me wrong on that! One good idea can change your life forever, of course! But if you are choosing this path towards life, hell, your idea is better a good one! Otherwise, life can become pretty messy in the end.

One single idea alone isn’t the way towards success. An idea is nothing if you can’t translate it into reality. And it can take years until you can celebrate your first commercial success. YEARS! But it’s not just the idea that is important. It’s the complete package. Whatever service you want to render, it needs to be the complete package of what your customers expect. But what do they expect?

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Experts look at studies and numbers and throw in their ideas. Is this the way to go? Sure, it’s one of the ways to go! But there is something else! Something we need to remind ourself constantly about. This world around us is in constant change. Markets, industries, everything can change. Not from today until tomorrow, at least not all the time, but they change. New situations, new circumstances, everything is in constant change.

Who would have thought that we need that many safety masks in 2020 and 2021? Nobody! Therefore, who knows what we will need next year. Of course we can wait for the next trend, a lot of companies are doing that. But we can also create the next trend, be the next trend.

It’s up to us. As always of course. It is what we goes on in our brains that can have an impact on our future. One good idea is just not enough! Go back to work and figure out a business plan that is worth the implementing efforts.

See you next time!

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