At the end of the day there is only one thing that matters, you!

I could tell you how proud my family is, how much I have learned, how hard it is to write a daily blog. But you shouldn’t care about that!

At the end of the day there is just you.

We go through life not seeing the obvious. There are moments in life when we can see it. You have these moments as well, correct? These moments, these thoughts, these split seconds of time. The concept of the world around us? It’s falling apart! But we look right through it! We understand!

After spending literally thousands of hours writing down what I think, this blog has helped me to grow. Mentally, physically, basically on every level. The life hack towards success? There is non!

We are all looking for something in life without seeing the obvious. We do not see what we do not want to see.

We are looking out of our window a thousand times, but we still do not know how our neighbors house look like exactly. It’s not because we can not see it, we don’t want to see it.

There comes a day when we understand. But be aware. It will not come easily!

Writing this daily blog for 900 consecutive days is easy if you have yourself under control. Discipline, passion, what more do we need? A reason. Believe in yourself! Follow your dreams! There are no limits!

The numbers:

Posts: 900
Words: 587.518
Breakdowns: 7
Followers: 658
Visitors: 7.573 from 97 different countries

See you next time!

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