Why should I, the long term meditation failure, be able to tell you how it’s probably done? It sounds funny but in theory I know what to do. Maybe I am just not satisfied with the outcome, even though others would define it as a successful mediation session.


When you do your workout, you have to work with your muscles until they get hurt and grow stronger. But what is the exercise when meditating? Is it the coming back? The realization that we are thinking? Hovering three inches above the floor?

Realize that you are thinking and push the thought away. Next in line? The place to meditate!


Sitting, standing, laying down? Sitting! On a cushion, a chair, the floor? It doesn’t matter, but I would pick the chair! A desk chair for example! In a buddhist temple or just at home? Please! Everywhere! With music or without? If you need it, why not! But it’s easier without.

The point of mediating is the understanding and control of what is going on in the space between your ears. Therefore, you have to practice it everywhere! In the park, the office, the waiting room. Just everywhere!

Photo by nicollazzi xiong on Pexels.com


You do not have to wait for a full moon or a special star constellation. No, you can just do it everywhere every time! It’s not even important for how long you are doing it, but if you want to improve efficiently, there are some regulations. Don’t just meditate when you feel calm and relaxed! No, instead, you should use the moments when you feel under pressure. But don’t try for too long. It will be so exhausting at the beginning, you will drift off after the first 10 minutes way to easily.

And here you are, ready for your first meditation session. Close your eyes, and stop thinking! Once the next thought occurs. Experience the process of thinking. Appreciate the thought and push it away! And now you just have to repeat that over and over again!

Good luck!

See you next time!

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