Monday, 20.12.2021

Victoria slipped deep into the leather covered sports seats. She never would have believed that they make it on time. It was Eduard’s usual race against the navigation system and of course he had won. “Men!“, Victoria thought as she watched him smiling in triumph. He had beaten the time by at least 25 minutes, which was impressive considering the short distance they had traveled. Did she liked it? Yes, she did. She had never thought that the shy guy from the bar in Dubai would chase after record times in his free time. She really had enjoyed the thrill, but was happy that the city center was in sight now.

Was that too much for her already? Have I destroyed all of my chances? What was I thinking, racing through the night like this?“, Eduard criticized himself heavily. “Why can’t you behave like a normal person? Just this one time?” As the turbos finally cooled down in the fresh night air of the city outskirts, Eduard thought about a change of his strategy.

I really like this place!“, Victoria looked right and left like a little child in a toy store. “Wow! So many old buildings!“, they drove by the most famous building in town. He had told her about the history of it, but she wasn’t even listening. She was just trying to absorb it all. “What a stunning building!“, they went by the tallest building in the area. “I lived there right underneath the clouds!“, Eduard was pointing to the heaven. “But I sold it after moving to the country side again this year. The city life isn’t for me!“, he had added with a smile. “Was that a joke?“, Victoria looked puzzled back at the stunning building above in the sky and wondered. “Was he really living up there in the highest penthouse suite in town?

Was that even necessary? Bragging about your penthouse times?“, Eduard continued to criticize himself. “But I guess you must be really tired by now? Do you want to call it day and do the other things tomorrow?“, he had asked her in a soft voice, trying to look over to her side. “Eyes in front!“, she had demanded quickly, but this made it even more tempting to take the risk and have another glimpse of her beautiful face. “It was an exhausting day, you are right! But we are not yet done with today’s agenda!“, her voice made it even sound a bit sexy. “She was right!“, Eduard thought. On the list were still three items to tick. Having a walk nearby the river, the house tour and of course her first time driving a Porsche. How could he forget about that? “You are right!“, he had finally said. “Next stop, the river bank!

It was a cold evening. The strong wind blew through her thin hair as they walked down the beautiful alley next to the river. The orange street lamps accentuated the atmosphere, causing the castle high above the city to appear even more powerful. Victoria really loved the city with its old buildings and the stories behind them. As he put his arm around her, she felt completely at home. “What a moment!“, she thought, leaning right into him.

What are you doing!“, Eduard’s mind tried to interfere before it was too late. But it already was too late. To his surprise, she had not only accepted his arm wrapping tightly around her, no, she did even lean right into it. “A lucky shot!“, he tried to prevent himself from taking the next step too early. As they walked by small cafe’s and shops they got instantly reminded about the situation happening all around the globe. Were once flourishing cafes had populated the city center, they could now look into empty buildings. Closed, for sale, just a couple of them seemed to have survived.

“It’s your turn!”, Victoria could hear him saying proudly as he opened the door for her. “My turn?“, her inner voice was trembling. “Are you sure?”, she asked him a last time before taking a seat. “Don’t worry, I have another Porsche in case something goes wrong!”, he had replied with a hint of irony in his voice. “Be gentle with her!“, he added, but was talking to the car.

As she turned the ignition key with her left hand, Victoria wasn’t ready for the angry shout of the flat six boxer engine from behind. “Don’t panic!“, she told herself. “You can do that! Just pretend that it is a normal car and for Christs sake don’t destroy it!“, Victorias mind added quickly as she was putting the car into reverse and backed out of the car park.


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