Part V

Monday, 20.12.2021

The city center wasn’t as crowded as usual when she had reached one of the few traffic lights on her way back home late at night. It must have been already quite late, but she didn’t care. After receiving her new project in the morning, she had dived so deep into it, she even forgot to take a break. Loosing track of time was her new usual. “When was the last time you had stopped working in time?“, she was wondering as she watched the traffic crossing the road in front of her.

Victoria touched the brake pedal a bit too enthusiastically and forced the car into sudden stand still. “Sorry!“, she petted the leather covered steering wheel softly. She had survived the first meters through the late night city traffic, from now on it could only get better. “The brakes are a bit pointy, but you will get used to it!“, he remarked calmly, ignoring the urge to tell her all about the expensive carbon ceramics brakes the car was equipped with. “Just don’t destroy his most favorite car!“, Victoria told herself and watched the traffic light.

She never had an interest in cars, but even she enjoyed a good looking example from time to time. As the silhouette of a sports car appeared in her visual field, she couldn’t resist and took a glimpse. The red traffic light gloomed brightly on the cars bonnet as she tried to follow the accentuated lines of the Porsche’s exterior design. “This must be a Porsche!“, she realized as Eduard sprang back into her mind. “Wasn’t he owning a car like this?“, she tried to remember but wasn’t sure about it. “It couldn’t be Eduard’s!“, she noticed quickly. On the drivers seat was a stunning looking young woman. In fact, the woman appeared to be the exact doppelgänger of the Victoria Secret model she had imagined earlier. “What a nice looking car, it really suits her!“, her mind insisted on while Anika wondered if such a car would also fit into her new lifestyle now. Since her new job was better on nearly every level, her income had grown significantly. The only problem was that she worked so much, she couldn’t even spend her money.

As the silent night around her got interrupted by the growling sound of the sportscar next to her, Anika assumed that the traffic light had turned green and also drove off. She hadn’t particularly tried to get on speed quickly, but caught the Porsche already in second gear. “At least she is not driving like those other jerks she usually saw in those fancy cars!“, Anika thought as she overtook the sports car and turned into the right lane in front of the Porsche.

You don’t have to be that gentle!“, Eduard commented as he watched her shimmering eyes scanning the road in front of them. “I hope nobody is recognizing me being in a Porsche below the speed limit!“, he added with a smile, trying to cover his face and making him as small as possible on the passenger seat. “Idiot!“, Victoria replied with a laugh as she changed into the left lane and accelerated. “Bravissimo!“, Eduard pretended to applaud and sat upright again. “Satisfied?“, Victoria risked a little glimpse. “Congratulations! You got the job! When can you start?“, Eduard touched her shoulder softly.

Anika couldn’t believe it! “Is the Porsche girl listening to my thoughts?” The moment Anika had finished embracing the girl for her calm driving style, the Porsche had changed into the left lane and accelerated heavily. It was the commentators faith she knew only too well from various TV sport series Michael had made her watch. A commentator would talk about a specific team or athlete and in the very next moment something dramatic happened to them. “Was this the very same effect?“, Anika wondered as the Porsche appeared for a split second of time in her left mirror.

Anika wasn’t as curious as her mother, who was usually watching the neighbors as if that would be her job, but she felt a sudden urge to take another glimpse of the woman, making sure she wasn’t a celebrity or someone famous she could tell Kathrin all about the next day. As the Porsche accelerated past her side window, Anika couldn’t believe her eyes. On the passenger seat was someone who looked familiar. “Eduard?”, her hearth beat started racing.

This car is way too powerful!“, Victoria remarked as they were driving 20 above the speed limit already. “And this was not even 10 percent of its potential!“, Eduard added but agreed. “In the wrong hands this car can become a lethal weapon!“. Victoria’s mind tried to make sense out of that statement. “Either he must be trusting me with all he got, or he is a reckless fool.” Knowing Eduard for quite some time already, Victoria couldn’t prevent a smile from appearing on her full lips. “But I am only one out of many girls!“, Victoria reminded herself, focusing on the road in front of her. “I am surprised how calm you are! Aren’t you afraid about something going wrong?“, Victoria finally found enough courage to ask. “Actually, I am far away from being calm!“, Eduard answered honestly and added with a smile. “And there is still the Autobahn section in front of us!

Victoria thought about making a comment about racing against the navigation system again, but didn’t told him. “The thing is this, I am just a very bad passenger! I always was!“, he added and took another look into the right mirror next to him.

Could this really be true?“, Anika’s mind went nuts. “Was this really Eduard on the passenger seat?” “There is only one way to figure it out.” As Anika shifted down into the third gear, the French motorcar worked noticeable. The speed limit was the last thing on Anika’s mind as the car gained its momentum. She had successfully fought off the fine for crossing the red light last year and was still without any points in Flensburg. “Is it worth the outcome?“, the brave side of Anika’s mind took over. “You can also just call him or send him a short text message later on?“. “A text message? How creepy! Admitting that you have stalked him late at night in town? Come on! Just keep up with their pace! You nearly got them!

Victoria’s driving style was calm and in control. Eduard could feel that she had already developed a sense for how to drive the 911. Besides, cruising through town wasn’t the most difficult task with an automatic car, he had to admit. Eduard allowed his thoughts to wander off, thinking back at the first time they had met. He still couldn’t believe the fact that she was finally here, sitting right next to him. A blonde angel. A blonde angel that could tame the Porsche beast. He really liked her, no, actually he was in love since the very first time he had seen her in that bar in Dubai. What a beautiful creature! How could he not falling for her?

As he turned his glance away from her perfect skin, his eyes caught a yellow light flickering in the right car mirror. “Someone is trying to get on our pace.“, Eduard thought while his right foot tried to execute a braking maneuver. But in vain. He was sitting on the passenger side after all.

Just the last 50 meters!” Anika was surprised how fast she had been able to catch up with their pace. The moment she had looked onto the speedometer, she knew why. The Megane’s speed was above everything she might be able to walk away with her beautiful character, meaning her décolleté. But her mind didn’t even want to go there. Anika focused only on the blue car she was chasing after. Just a couple seconds and she would be able to have a second look.

STOP! Victoria! BRAKE!“, Eduard insisted on heavily as she stepped onto the brake pedal with all her might. In a wild squeaking noise the front tires bite into the cold asphalt below. As Victoria’s hair shout straight into the direction of the wind screen, Eduard’s mind had put the information together. It must have been close to 2g which were pulling at his neck, as Victoria had released the brake pedal again.

Wuupppp. Anika shot past the Porsche as if it had hit an invisible wall. “What was that?“, she wondered as she could already see the sports car far behind in her rear view mirror.

“What the hell was that?”, Eduard couldn’t believe his recent actions. “Had he really yelled at Victoria as if there would have been a mother with her child standing right in the middle of the street? Of course Victoria was going to slam onto the brakes like she did! What were you thinking?” Eduard’s mind couldn’t believe it.

Sorry!“, Victoria’s voice was trembling. In panic she had floored the brake pedal, causing the ABS to do its magic. “No! I am sorry!“, Eduard replied quickly as she was looking over into his guilty face. He had explained everything to her. That he had panicked and thought the police was chasing after them. Victoria was right awake now, but pretended that it wasn’t a big deal after all. She checked her mirrors and continued driving. Only this time she would stay within the speed limit under all circumstances, hoping that he would take over the Porsche any time soon.

A white Renault.”, Eduard’s eyes zoomed in on the number plate ahead. “Could it be?” “However crazy that might sound.”, Eduard began his sentence and continued. “But we have to follow the white car over there. It’s a friend of mine I guess.

Oh dear God, no!“, Anika saw the Porsche changing into the lane behind her. “I told you so!“, Anika imagined the brave side of her mind responding. Her mission was exposed. “It must have been Eduard and he saw me.“, Anika gave in the urge to feel ashamed. “Now they would probably follow me to the next car park and he will introduce his most perfect girlfriend. Oh God why! Why couldn’t I just let them go? Why couldn’t I just let him go?

Who is it?“, Victoria asked in surprise, wondering that Eduard even knew people who obviously weren’t caring too much about the cars they were driving. The question seemed reasonable, looking at the heavily battered rear of the French car. “That’s a long story!“, Eduard replied after a short break, adding the short version of what had happened last year on Christmas Eve. “What a terrible story!“, Victoria felt bad for Anika without even knowing her. “But I haven’t talked with her in months.” “Are you ok about the little detour?” Eduard had broken the silence in the car once more. “Of course! I am pleased to meet “friends” of you!” “Friends!“, Eduard thought and repeated “Friends!


See you next time!

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