#918² GOALS FOR 2022?

As the tradition demands, people set new goals for the upcoming year. As if that would make it any better… It doesn’t! In fact, it makes it even worse. Or is that just my frustrated self talking? The thing about New Years resolutions is, that there is no point in having them. What the most of us need is not a small change in our every day life, no, we need to turn our life upside down completely.

We have to wake up! Now or never. But we don’t wake up!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Where is the point in changing details in our life, when we do not change the obvious? It’s better than doing nothing! True! But at the end of the day we will hardly notice any difference, if any, in case we stop before reaching our goals.

The way is the goal! Sure, we have all heard about that one. But that’s not even the point. The point is this: We are the goal! This life is about us! Of course you can set yourself some small town goals and achieve them one after the other or fail miserable. But at the end of the day this is not even important. The only thing that matters is you! Are you satisfied with the outcome? Are you satisfied with your life? Is that really it? Is that what you stand for?

Do I have goals for 2022? Yes I have! But they are not related to success or money, or anything like that in any way. My goals are just about me! And so should be your goals!

See you next time!

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