I know! We just want to go onto the track, simulator or the kart track. But do we already know what we are doing there? Or do we simply waste our time?

I know, we should do certain things in life without the pressure or need to get get the best out of ourselves all the time. But especially in racing, this can cost us a lot of money. Not only through crashing cars, but also through just wasting our time.

Theory is boring, or at least that is the message our society is suggesting. But hey! We talk about fancy race cars! How can that be boring after all? It isn’t! At least as long as you make it interesting.

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

And doing the theory doesn’t need to be the learning experience you might probably have in mind already. No! Stop this! The theory of racing can be awesome! Sure, it’s unavoidable to have a look into one book or the other. True! But there is so much more! My suggestion? Whenever you are spending time on track (virtually or in real life), record the action. Document your driving.

I know, there are lot’s of YouTube tutorials out there. And if you are a beginner, sure! Go for it! But after a while, at least if you take things serious, you know all of that already. Your problem isn’t the understanding of things. Your problem is the transition of what you know onto the track.

We do things in life automatically. You don’t think about the process, let’s take shifting for an example, every time you have to do it. No, you do it automatically! And so, everything becomes a process. We get used to things, no matter if they are right or wrong. And so, we do not only learn the right things, we also learn the wrong things. And so, everyone of us has these things. We are doing things slightly different without even noticing. Maybe you are braking too early. Maybe you get on the gas too early. Whatever it is, you will not notice it while driving.

But later on at home, there comes your chance. Now you can analyze your data. Understand what you are doing right and wrong and figure out what you can change in order to become better. And better doesn’t always mean faster. Safer is sometimes the much better option!

Do your theoretical work probably, but don’t forget to focus on you and your abilities in the process. It doesn’t help you to know every single detail, if you personally already struggle with the transition of the basics onto the tarmac.

See you next time!

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