The last month of my life were as challenging as never before. Not because of the job, not because of the pandemic, no, just because I’m sick.

If we are sick, sure, our body takes back a certain amount of time to rest and recover. But whatever is going on with me, the amount of time my body actually needs to recover has increased dramatically. But it’s not even that. I had my four weeks winter vacation. I had the time. It’s the thing that you can’t do anything. My problem caused me to do not speak, to do not do sport, to do not sit upright, to do not do anything besides laying in bed. Sure, I tried my best to recover and used the time for my new Project7, but of course I had to do the daily blog.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Whatever I was writing in the last four weeks, forgive me for having not really performed. But if the pain is louder than your motivation to write, you just get over with it, no matter how good or bad it is. Doing a break? Stopping to write in a daily rhythm? No way! I have committed to it!

Besides the Christmas special story everything else felt just dumb. I get up and do this blog. Not because it gives me back the joy and fun from the past. No, it’s more like a burden that is standing in my way. But writing helps me to keep up with the pace. True! It motivates me to keep on fighting through these difficult times. And there is light somewhere at the end of the tunnel! Sure! I just have to make it there.

In life, you can do everything! But you have to be sure! Difficult times proof which kind of a person you are! Never give up! Never!

See you next time!

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