The past weeks have changed me. That’s the one thing I can already say. But will it change me long term? Was this the start of a new life chapter?

Life is a funny game. Things change. Opportunities arise. Every day.

Photo by le vy on Pexels.com

Life is a good teacher. Maybe even the best. And sometimes we have to learn it the hard way. But we learn eventually. We are too absorbed my our heads. We care too much about our silly every day troubles. We loose our focus. We forget about the things we have already learned.

The time seems right. I am ready for a new chapter in my life. I learned my lessons. Or at least I believe so. I have to make these changes. There is no way around that. And so I will change my life accordingly. One step after the other.

Nobody said that it will be easy. But we all love the challenges! Are we ready? Life isn’t waiting for that. Life is just throwing things at us no matter how we feel. Looking ahead? Focusing on the present moment? We have to live! Everything else isn’t important.

See you next time!

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