Finding myself in bed nearly all the time in the last couple of weeks I thought, hey, why don’t you give it a try. The only problem? It’s even harder to focus on not thinking when your body doesn’t feel good. I mean, it makes sense of course, but it is also a sign for the importance of this skill in my life.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Meditating doesn’t need to be boring or a waste of time. A regular meditating practice can be implemented into our busy day to day lives. It’s just a matter of us wanting it to be there.

And so I meditated a lot. But sadly in the end of 2021 and not so much in the first couple of days of 2022. The thing about meditating is this. It has to feel right! And so, as always in life, I need to get the competitive mindset out of the way. Meditating isn’t something you can win, but tell this my mind. I can’t stop competing. And so, I overdo things slightly. All the time.

My New Years approach towards meditating? I will stick to the way I have been doing the stuff before. Irregular and only when I feel like doing it. Letting go of the pressure. The feeling that we have to do something. Gosh, it’s everywhere. Even in my meditation practice. But no! This has to stop! The past weeks changed me. I will not take things as serious as before. And hey, so should you!

See you next time!

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