Once upon a time in a foreign country. There was a princess …

“Oh God! Please! You can’t be serious? Come on! Don’t do it!”, that was what she thought, but not what she said. She couldn’t hear the story once more! Not today. Eyes rolling she left the room. She knew that the kids loved the story. Her story more than his, but the kids promised not to tell him. After all, she was just happy for the support he offered.

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

… The princes name was …

She could hear as she finally left the room for her own one. Night had fallen quickly she noticed. No, she couldn’t bear to hear the story once more. Not after all she had been through. The life with the dwarfs was one thing, but the three murder attempts of her stepmother something else. How could she ever get over this?

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