My four week long winter holidays are over… It’s sad, especially because I was laying sick in bed most of the time. But it’s good to be back at work. Did I miss it? Actually, yes. I know, it’s so stressful at work and there is still so much for me to learn. But life without it? It wouldn’t be the same. I love to work in interesting projects. And hey, we are talking about cars here!

I am not yet completely healthy again, but healthy enough for my next vaccination which I got on Wednesday. God, my arm hurts. But besides that, everything is fine! Just give me a couple of days or better weeks and I will be back in the game. And besides that, the break felt pretty good. I had time to think. I had time to plan my next steps in life. It was definitely not a waste of time! Even if it felt like that most of the time.

Photo by Bruno Thethe on Pexels.com

I have learned! More than I thought someone could learn in just two month of life. I have to make some changes! Otherwise my body will catch me again. And we don’t want that to happen of course. I take things too serious. I think too much about possible outcomes that never ever even make it into reality. I need to do more for myself. Take time for myself. See things from a different angle. Get my mind under control. Enjoy the process. Stop caring too much.

I am ready for a change! I am ready to change! Thank you life for the lesson.

See you next time!

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