With car prices exploding in recent years, it’s not easy to find the perfect match. But besides that, it was never easy to find the perfect car anyways. There are just not so many cars suitable for track use, or should we call it abuse?

Of course a fancy sports car is the dream of many people, but is this the way to go? How much money should we invest? And is it worth the investment?

If you buy a car for your daily or weekend use on public roads, sure, the car will keep its value. But if you are going to abuse your car on various tracks, well, you will loose a lot of money. But that’s not even it. You also have to consider the maintenance costs, the tries, brakes, etc. And then we also have the risk of crashing! And believe me, you don’t want to crash your 100k Porsche.

So what should we get? Something cheap? Something expensive? Honestly, it’s really difficult to tell. I like the concept of the Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 and of course like the new Toyota GR86 even more. And that’s not only because one of my friends drives one. No! It’s a just so much car you get for that little money. The only problem the car has? It is too slow for the bigger race tracks. Slow? Yes! But cheap! But I guess it will ever stay an entry level car. At least without you tuning it, of course. But what comes after that? A Porsche Cayman for 60k? A 911?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s just not possible to state out the perfect car. It depends on so many things you have to consider! So which one will I get? Well, we will see! But I will take a look at the GR86! That’s for sure! And if it is really too slow, well, I guess I have to take a Porsche even thought that’s just bloody expensive on track…

See you next time!

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