Isn’t this the exact opposite of what meditation is all about? Don’t you remember? The goal is to do not think! How can journaling be a form of meditating then? And what the hell is it anyways?

The world around us is made-up. Words, habits, rules, religions. Therefore, trying to define journaling doesn’t make any sense. There are no limitations! But generally speaking its a way of traveling back in your time and reliving a certain moment or situation. If you write it down, close your eyes and think or record your voice telling the story doesn’t even matter. The advantage? A lot of people, especially me, struggle with the not thinking part of the meditating equation. Journaling explicitly allows thinking, no, in fact it demands it. And so it’s a lot easier to do, oh and it makes just so much fun.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

In this 21st century we are currently living in, everything gets documented. You probably have thousand of photos on your phone. But not only there! Inside your head there is another folder of pictures, moments, situations. Journaling means reliving those moments. You can pick a certain point in time. But you can also let go of the control and see where you will end up. I like doing it laying down on my back, but sitting should be fine as well.

Pro tip for my dear readers.

One day or another I came up with this idea when driving home from university. I don’t know if this is already a thing in the journaling community, but I can highly recommend this. Pick your phone and look for an old song you haven’t listened to in a long time, or just pick any song from the past. Relax and listen to the song. Do you have a connection to this song? Is there something coming up? Maybe it’s just me, but I have real connections between songs and special moments in life. And then, I just enjoy this moment rethinking my past.

Have fun time traveling!

See you next time!

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