There is not a single day I do not miss racing, but normally I get my dose on the simulator. With my health issue preventing me from doing my normal routine, the simulator is sadly not a part of my daily life. And so, I find myself in this trap between the need for speed and the need for getting rest. Every time I tried the simulator, I have to admit that I was regretting doing it. It’s not the best thing in the world for your neck and throat. Too much movement.

And so I sit here waiting. Or rather laying down. Today I feel a bit better, but I had these up and downs before. At least there is the next endurance race coming up on the weekend. And what a race it is! The 24h of Daytona! Yay! The 24h of Dubai two weeks ago and the 6h race last weekend weren’t that bad, but I can not even enjoy them. Usually I sit in the racing simulator and try to improve while listening to the commentators. But just sitting around and actually watching it? It can get a bit boring, to be honest. But at least the onboard will be better in Daytona this weekend. Because that’s were we can learn from the pro’s.

Photo by Quentin Tricoire on Pexels.com

Driving through the traffic, surviving the night. Endurance racing is an awesome sport! But it will take me some couple of years until I will start racing in real life. It’s not bad to have some more years to improve, but it would make so much fun! Well, soon I will be back in the game. And until then, I can work on the theoretical part of racing.

See you next time!

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