Why should we do things the easy way when there is also the possibility to do things in a much more complex way? Life is complex. This world around us is complex. Everything is complex. But instead of making complex things less complex, we do the exact opposite. We make things worse!

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

At work, in the supermarket, wherever we are, things are getting more complex over time. But why do we do that? Why are we following this trend? Why making things more complex day by day? Just have a look at cars, or machines in general. A washing machine has so many functions these days, who needs that? An intelligent freezer! Yap! That’s what the world needed! And the more complex things are going to be, the more can go wrong of course! Systems fail! Sooner or later. But the more parts you have, the more parts can fail!

Why is there not a trend to make things less complex? Why don’t we do things the easy way? But I promised not to loose myself into this situation. It is how it is! But at least for my part, I do things the easy way! Or at least I am trying to do so.

I let the world be as complex as it wants to be! Ciao!

See you next time!

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