You promised not to tell anybody! Hey! I am talking to you! What are you doing? Stop! Hey! Don’t you hear me? Stop! STOP IT! No! Don’t tell them! Please! You promised! That’s not fair! You promised! Come on! You promised it! How dare you are!

What could be so interesting about last night?“, he wondered as he pressed his ear harder against the concrete wall. He didn’t ever hear them! “What’s her problem?“. Isn’t it just normal? God, people make things always so complicated.

What is going on? Why is dad spying on the neighbors?” “PSSSSSSSSTTTTT! Shut up! I can’t hear shit!“, her brother replied harshly. “Just listen! It’s about last night!”Last night? What happened last night?

What in the world? Those humans! What are they doing now? My family is great, don’t get me wrong about that! But this can’t be normal human behavior. Enzo turned around in his basket. “It’s about last night!” “Last night?” “Yes, last night!” The cat hissed back at the dog. “What happened last night?

I am home! Hello? Anybody here? Enzo! Hey! Yes, I missed you too! At least someone is happy that I am back home. Good boy! Enzo! Don’t be so wild! Let me carry the stuff into the kitchen! Where are all?” “Wuff! WUFF! WUFF!”I don’t understand! Oh, I should follow you!

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Hey guys!” “PSSSSSSTTTTTT!” “What in the world is going on here?” “It’s the neighbors! It’s about last night!” “Last night?” A sense of panic overcome her. “Last night you said?” “Yes, but pssssstttt mum!

“MOM! What are you doing! We can’t hear shit!” But the vacuum cleaner was louder.

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