If life is a game, which one would it be?

We go through life not seeing the obvious. It’s not that we hide it from our eyes, it’s just too obvious for us to notice. You can’t see the forest for the trees is the saying that might describe it the best. Life is not what we think life is all about. Our life is just the story we want to believe in.

As we grow up in life, we forget to ask the right questions. We adapt, we copy, we try our best to fit into this society. We try so hard, we do not even question it. But that is not life. Or not necessarily what life is all about. This is just our version of life. Our interpretation of things.

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Whatever you do in life, if you can not enjoy every single moment of it, you are doing something wrong. This is not about winning! You can’t win the game called life. You can only loose! We are coming into this world without a mission. There is nothing we have to do. But where is the sense? There isn’t any! Life doesn’t make sense and life doesn’t have to make sense. Life is just life. A definite amount of time. Time we can spend however we want to spend it.

Sure there are rules, sure you have to stay within the law. But this whole system is made up. It’s basically like a game. Pick whatever you want in life and think about it. It will take you a while to understand, but soon you will see it falling apart.

The only thing we can do wrong in life is not living it. Do you enjoy your life? Are you happy about it? Is this what you want to do? Until the rest of this life? If you do not enjoy your life, change the game you are playing.

See you next time!

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