One year older, one year wiser? The last year went by so quickly. I turned 27 last week. God, I am old!

The speed of time may always be the same, at least as long as we don’t travel with the speed of light. But putting those nerdy thoughts aside, the older we get the faster the clock seems to tick.

Can you remember the long years at school? God, it took us ages to get through the different levels. And what about the summer breaks? 6 weeks felt like an eternity! Today, 6 weeks are nothing. A drop on a hot stone. The first two month of the year are nearly over. What? How is that even possible?

Photo by Ju00c9SHOOTS on Pexels.com

The older I get, the less this concept of life seems to make sense. We get born, we grow up, we find the significant other and create a new life that can go through the same shit. Does that even make sense? Really?

Today is a day to think about time. If the time will run even faster in the future, the hell, life will be so short.

See you next time!

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