I was doing my apprenticeship at that time. A coworker and I visited the quality department for two weeks. It was interesting, sure, but I had something else in mind. I was looking at my watch constantly. Why can’t the workday be over already? Finally! I left work around 3 pm, but I wasn’t going home. No, I had a job to do. The sun was shining brightly when I arrived. It was spring.

The door opened electrically. And there it was. The Porsche Panamera S in a lovely gt silver. What a car, really! You open the door, you smell the leather, you take a seat. This is something else! The low seating position. The long bonnet in front. A big car. And a manual! Yes, you have heard right! The moment you turn on the ignition. WOW! What a sound!

The speed? You don’t notice it. No wind noises, just the V8 engine. Effortlessly, agile, but a heavy clutch. The Autobahn the Panamera’s home. We had a little drive to do. Some 200 km in total. The tire change to summer tires at a Porsche dealership. Not at the nearest one, but they had the summer tires still in stock.

If you are 18 years old and get trusted from the owner so much, of course this is changing something within you. This very moment changed my life forever! I need to have a Porsche! This was the day I knew! Looking back at this moment makes me smile. Wow! Damn I was lucky! Damn is life good to me!

It was stress! Pure stress! The car was worth a lot of money! You don’t want to scratch that! But I could still enjoy it! The radio? There is no need for a radio! Just listening to the engine sound! Hearth, what do you want more? The Porsche Panamera might not be the number one choice of mine, but is still a really good car! Back in 2013 and still today.

See you next time!

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