There are things in life we don’t understand, sure, but there are also things in life we shouldn’t accept. And this is not acceptable! WTF is wrong with the Russians? True! Not every Russian is a blood thirsty maniac! And sure, it’s definitely not easy to be a Russian these days.

But why?! Isn’t Russia big enough already? Sure, the history, right? Taking back what is yours anyways! I get it! But do you know what? Fuck you! There are rules in this world! We live in a civilized world! Rules we have to accept! And attacking another country is not acceptable. I am against violence! And fighting back is of course not the solution! But it is hard to not let the anger breaking through.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I’m not politically interested in any way, but whatever the Russians think they are doing will have a dramatic impact on themselves. I don’t know if the Russian government is ignoring this fact by accident or not, but how do they think will this story end? That we accept such a behavior and continue as if nothing has happened? Are you mad! Hell no!

This is it for you! We are done!

What will collapse first? The economy of Russia or its government? Well, not my problem of course. I just hope that this situation ends soon and without the casualties we are seeing right now. I don’t like excluding people or minorities from the rest of the world, but in this case we don’t really have an alternative option. This is not against the Russian people, but they will suffer the most.

I just don’t understand. Why are there people in this world that don’t seem to get it? I guess we will never understand. Never understand, yes, but accept? No! Never!

See you next time!

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