With the last months in my life being kind of exhausting, I noticed that I have to change certain things in my life. And one of them is this blog.

I do this for fun! I do this for me! But the last thing I wanted to add to my schedule is more stress. And so, I have reduced the amount of time for this project dramatically. I still do the daily rhythm, of course this will always stay. But I don’t want to invest more of my energy into it.

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

The number one priority in my life is to become healthy again and to do anything possible to reach that goal. Worries, stress, and all the other things are ok at work, but not in my free time activities. I do what I like! I enjoy life and every second of it. Basta!

And so, my new writing rhythm is fast and unconventional. I just write what ever comes to mind. 3, 2, 1. Done. I do not even read what I have written down. I don’t check for writing mistakes and the like. I just write something down and publish it. There is no need for a long preparation. There is no need to write posts weeks in advance. I am back to the two days ahead writing pattern.

Will there come another time on the blog as well? Sure, maybe! But for the moment I rather focus on myself.

See you next time!

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