Driving cars belongs to one of those things in life that can be practiced while doing it. And so, a lot of people just do that. Driving their cars around the circuit lap after lap after lap. Sure, you will get better eventually, but that’s not what we call an effective training. That’s just messing around.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you want to get better, practice is exactly what you need. But how? And what? And for how long? Well, that’s up to your goals. Where do you want to end up? How much time do you want to invest?

Driving cars is just that, a process. The combination of different tasks. Once we master them all, the combination of those skills will make the difference. But be aware, in case you are missing out on something, this will forever be your weakness. This will be the reason why you fail.

Don’t just do what you always did. Try new things. Adapt techniques from other fields of life. And don’t forget, racing is not just a physical sport, you win or loose in your head.

See you next time!

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