The world turns around one thing only, money. Whatever we do, wherever we are. It’s all just about this one thing, money. Sure, money doesn’t need to be a bad thing after all and of course it gives us the safety we need. But sometimes we should just do things in life without looking for our own benefit.

We should help each other making this world a better place. Sharing the good and the bad moments. Increase our all happiness. We could do that, sure, but at the end of the day the only thing that seems to matter is money. A house, a fancy car, food, traveling. Whatever you want to do, everything costs money. Ok, not everything, but nearly everything. And so, our world, our society, our lifestyle is just focusing on that, making money. Showing off what we have, what we can afford, you know the story.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Pexels.com

Would a world without money exist? Would that be even possible? Or would everything fall apart?

For me personally money isn’t that important, I have enough of it. But what really strikes me is the bad feeling when spending it. I don’t know why I have this, but I always had it. I don’t like spending money. It feels to me as if I would waste it for something unimportant. But I guess that is just my mindset.

See you next time!

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