In the last half year I have worked the hell out of me. Was it worth it? From the work perspective yes, but from my personal perspective not after all. I was sick for so long and still struggle with it. I didn’t really had a private life besides work. Now I am just done. Ready for a vacation. But the time has changed. My mindset has changed. I am finally listening to my body.

Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

Motivation and passion for what we do is great, don’t get me wrong on that! But we can not and should never forget to care about ourselves! At the end of the day it’s our health that should be more important than work after all. And if that is not the case, we are doing something wrong.

From now on I will change my situation! I will not work the crazy hours at work. I will work faster and smarter but not as long as before. I do what is possible and don’t try to do the impossible. If the situation will not change in the near future at work, I guess I have to start looking for a better place to work at.

See you next time!

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