With the current Porsche 911 992 generation, Porsche reinvented the 911 once more. The “best” Porsche is and will always be the newest version. But is the “best” 911 the one we want?

The current 911 generation represents the state of the art technology. It’s the perfect symbiosis of old school engineering and the electronic world of the 2021st century. Without a doubt, the car must be brilliant! I haven’t driven one yet, but we can all sure about this. The only question that is left, do we even want such a “perfect” car?

Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

Buying a Porsche should neither be an investment nor a way to step into a higher society. Nevertheless, the purchase of a Porsche has become exactly that. Owning a Porsche was always a statement, but these days the message of this statement has changed. The enthusiasts of the past extinguish. And the up and newcomers? Do they care about the past? Or do they just want the perfect interface for their smartphones?

Of course Porsche had to react. Of course this was the next logical step to keep the production lines up and running. But do we want to follow? Has this 992 generation still a soul? Will we be able to “connect” with the car without using our electronic devices, but our body instead?

The 992 is too perfect. Just take a look at the base model. What do you need more? And if you need more, can you afford it? The price changes from the 991 to the 992 were huge, at least at the top of the model range. And are the cars so much better than the ones before?

For me, it feels a little bit like the iPhone phenomenon. In the past, each year they celebrated a new revolutionary step forward. But these days, come one guys! It’s just a little bit better than the one last year. Is this worth the money?

I will definitely want to drive the 992 one day. But I don’t think that I want to own one.

See you next time!

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