Once I have started this little project of mine, I had no idea about the consequences. It was naive from me to think that it will become a success story right from the beginning, but life is not a sprint and I haven’t stopped believing. The thing about success is of course highly influenced by the way you define it. And so, doing the daily 1000 posts thing might be a success story by itself. But for me, it’s clearly not. It can’t be! It’s too easy. You just write every single day, so what? Where is the challenge?

In the last three and something years I went through a lot of ups and downs. From tough times at university doing my master to tough times with my personal health. In summary, we went through some interesting times together. Covid-19 is just one aspect I should mention here. But life goes on, the world doesn’t stop turning for us.

Doing the daily thing changes something within you. It’s not a magical switch that you miraculously turn on or off one day, depending on the way you look at this world, no, it’s rather a slow process that changes the way you think about this game, people call life. I don’t want to get too deeply into the philosophical side of things here, but it’s the blog that has taught me a good old lesson on life itself. A lesson I would have learned somewhere else as well, true, but not in that short period of time.

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Since the day I can remember, I am always hustling through the challenges that come my way. The present moment was never the objective. How could it be? A life without a Porsche can not really called a life, is it? And so I was striving for more! This couldn’t be it! True, my love for Porsche goes beyond everything you can imagine, but still, it’s “just a car“. God, it still hurts to say that and there are other companies out there doing brilliant cars as well! But the thing about my Porsche has of course just a symbolic character. It has become my indicator for success in this game I am currently playing. We are never talking about winning life of course, but just the current game that I am playing.

Every morning we get up, we could easily turn around on the spot and wait for the next day to come. Life doesn’t expect anything from us. Everything there is, is just made up. But we do get up! The reasons why you do it defines the game you are playing right now. Maybe you have a family and kids, a company you own or an addiction for what you do. Whatever gets you out of bed is what you want, or at least what you believe you need. Your game is worth fighting for!

The problems come when your goals disappear. When you loose the interest in your game or won it already a thousand of times. Now we have to find a new game that is worth getting up in the morning, so to say. We are looking for a new reason to be. A new task to do. Some people claim that they have understood it all. They quit their jobs in society and start living an alternative life. I accept their choices and wish them all the best, but sorry to say, they do not have understood it either.

Life doesn’t need to make sense. There is nothing to do. Life is just life. A chance to be!

The goal in life is to find ones own game and enjoy the heck out of it. Do what you truly believe is the right thing for you to do. And if that means waking up on a Sunday morning and having a walk with your dog, then have a walk, and if it is firing up your flat six boxer engine, then do that! Do whatever brings you joy and in some cases happiness. The great thing about life is that we can not fail! Life is a big test that never actually ends. It’s your biggest exam, but you will never get to the end.

It’s really fascinating, but I think I got it now! I have these moments when everything around me turns unimportant and useless. It’s just for a second or two, but the world around me collapses and I see through it all, or rather believe that I do. Was this a lesson I had to learn? Or is this just another challenge I thought I have to get over with? Understanding life, what a silly task to accept.

The truth is, there is no truth.

There is only this story that we can tell ourselves. And we have to believe it! Whatever life you want to live, you can live it! In fact, you can change your life right now, right here! It’s up to you what you are looking for in life.

See you next time!

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