You did what!? What is wrong with you!?”
Does it make it better if I say it was an accident?

As a Japanese car manufacture taught us, nothing is impossible in life. And indeed, everything is possible once we keep up the good effort and give our best every single day. The 1000 days of daily blogging is an achievement that doesn’t come easily, but actually it does. It’s just the consequence of writing one post every single day. And honestly, that’s one of the easiest of tasks I can imagine.

Looking back at all those hours I have spend so far, or how other people would say, wasted, I have realized my biggest flaw. I am an overachiever. I can’t quit. I can’t say “no” to the toughest of challenges. I try the impossible and do it.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Is it in my nature? An inborn feature? Or has my environment taught me this behavior over time. I say, it’s an attitude. It’s a decision! It’s a lifestyle. I never understood the reason for a celebration. For me, every achievement, no matter how big, is just the next logical step. The moment I tick the box my mind is already focusing on the next challenge in line.

It will not bring me happiness, I know that of course, but at least it keeps me busy. And for sure, it’s my decision at the end of the day anyways.

Today is a day to remember because I have done my first 1000 days of daily blogging. If you don’t want to know how short life really is, don’t start a daily blog. Assuming that I will reach the age of 80 years, which is already quite an achievement by itself, I have only 19.345 days left and I am fucking 27 years young. What are 19.345 posts? That is nothing! I wonder on which of those days I will get my first Porsche. Is it the #1xxx or #2xxx? Fascinating.

I will continue the daily writing rhythm with the blog but will do it differently. I will speak more about my personal life, my hobbies and thoughts. I will make it more real and more usable for the average human being. I will share my insights and ideas, my life hacks and strategies. I will share with you my journey towards my goals.

Stay tuned for more!

See you next time!


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