As some of you might still remember, I have introduced my newest project “project 7” a couple of month ago without really telling you what it is all about. Well, today is the day to reveal the secret.

It’s a house.

A house? Have you lost your mind? You turned 27 only recently! WTF? Yes, I know. I felt the same once the idea came up around two years ago. But nevertheless, yes, I am going to build a house. At least if the World War III doesn’t start any time soon.

But it’s not a house for myself of course! What do I need a house for? I just need a little room to sleep in and a huge garage for my future Porsches. The house will be rented out and add to my portfolio. So it’s a long term investment so to speak, at least if I do not find my dream girl any time soon.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Being a single engineer in Germany you can probably imagine how much taxes I have to pay. Well, with this project I can reduce those taxes a little bit and of course own the house one day in the future.

Is a house the right choice? I mean, just look at the high costs for materials these days. True, it doesn’t look like the best time for doing it, but the interest rates are low. In the future the costs for building a house will not get cheaper again. At least not without the next evolutionary step in the house building industry. Therefore, starting the project now seems to be a good idea. Sure, we are still somewhere at the beginning of this journey and the past weeks have taught us all that nothing is as certain as the constant change of things in life. But as far as this project is in my hands, it looks like things will get serious soon.

So now Porsche any time soon? Honestly, I can not promise that. It depends on some topics that are not yet finalized. But I will keep you updated of course!

See you next time!

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