The early bird gets the Porsche.

Or at least that is how I see the world. Getting up early is lifestyle choice. A decision we have to take quite regularly, daily so to speak. A reason is what gets you out of bed! Work? An exciting hobby? Friends? Family? A pet?

Getting up early is my thing. It is and was always a part of me. And so, I get up somewhere between 5 am and 6 am every day. Yes, that includes the weekend. But that is just how I am and how I like to do things! Early in the morning is the best time for everything. Work, sport, driving cars. This is my time! The time to be!

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com

Getting up early is not a life hack. It’s not making everything easier, especially not if you aren’t what we call a morning person. But it’s still a choice! A lifestyle! A decision!

Watching the sunrise was never a thing for me. It’s just nice when there is some light! Sounds practical, but it is exactly that! The perfect time to start your Porsche early morning tour. Well, a bit difficult without the Porsche in my garage. But I still have the simulator, right? And of course today is one of the best days in the year. It’s time to start the pool season! So today we will change the water and clean the whole thing. The summer is near! And my first week off from work is near as well! That’s even better! And for sure, motorsport is back! Formula one, NLS. Life is great!

Enjoy your week and look forward to a perfect weekend!

See you next time!

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