The pessimist vs. the optimist.

We have all heard about those two different approaches in life. But today is not about that, today is about life. During our time here on planet earth, for sure we have to get through a lot. What might the future bring? We don’t know! But we know our past.

Looking back in life shouldn’t be the main priority of course, but it can help us a lot to move on in the future. Learning from mistakes, we have all been there reading those esoteric calendar propaganda. And true, we should learn from mistakes, but we all know that!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

No! Today we want to look back at life wondering how and why this (our past) could happen to us. How have we ended up here? Which decisions did we chose and why? Who or what guided us in this direction or the other? Which incident or situation comes to mind?

Life has a plan for us. Life wants to teach us a good old lesson. Therefore, don’t hide behind your past. No, embrace it and find out how much you have changed. Don’t look at the sad moments feeling sad. Look at those moments and see where they have brought you! Of course it wasn’t easy in that very moment, but today we understand.

Don’t complain about your past, use the experience to improve upon your future.

See you next time!

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