Before we notice the first part of the year 2022 is already over. It’s unbelievable how quickly the time is running by these days. I noticed an increase of the speed in the last couple of years, true, but with me working full time now the time is literally flying!

In the last six months racing had a very low priority in my life. I had these overwhelming times at work doing 10 hours a day as the norm and suffering from my health issues a lot. But those times are nearly over. I have fought my way back to the top of the projects and are close to have done all the tasks the colleague before me has left over. I am not yet were I want to be, but give me some couple more month and I will know it all.

On the health side of life things have changed as well. I feel much better and can handle the issue way better. It’s still there, no doubt about that. But it is getting better and better week by week.

Photo by Tom Verdoot on Pexels.com

And with that all said, racing can get a higher priority in my life again. True, I will not do anything too spectacular this year either, but I have a lot of work to do on the simulator anyway. Therefore the plan is quite clear. Bring my skills to the next level of racing. Is that even possible by now? Honestly, yes! Since I have started way back in 2015 I could easily double my skills from one season to the other. And today, even if you might not want to believe it, it still feels like that! My understanding in engineering plays a big role in this, true, but it’s also the technique that I am using and a better strategy that I have improved so much. I have learned to read my opponents and have myself finally under control.

For this season of 2022 I have to increase my time on both, the simulator as well as the sport and theoretical side of racing. Therefore I will get back into my racing routine. Doing two workouts a day, at least one stint on the simulator, stretching and of course doing my work in between. I am still working in the home office which makes life so much easier. True, I am not yet able to work “only” the 40 hours I should do, but with my 45 hours or something I am doing these days, soon I will be able to decrease the time even further.

This year is going to be the best I had so far! And of course I will go back to the Nordschleife this year watching a race or two and walk up and down through the nature next to the track.

Welcome to the 7th season of racing is life.

See you next time!

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