When there wasn’t much snow in winter, at least we have it in April! Yay! But isn’t it lovely? At least as long as you have still your winter tires installed? The weather in April is always a bit special in Germany. It’s very indecisive and changes a lot. Wind, rain, the normal stuff. But snow? Well, why not!

Normally this is the section of my blog were I complain about something that is going on my nerves! For example snow in early April? No! Honestly, I love it! It’s finally snowing here! In my youth, or what I describe as such, snow was always a part of this region. There wasn’t a lot of snow, true! At least compared with the Alps. But we had some 20 or so days of snow a year. Or maybe that’s just me wanting to believe it. No, there was snow! I am sure about that!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

But in the last several years, snow was not really a topic here. Sure, there was some snow here from time to time, but not in the way that I was used to it. Therefore getting up on a Saturday morning on the 2th of April to shovel some snow is actually pretty cool workout to do! I wasn’t expecting to see snow for the next month to come! But don’t come with your climate change nonsense! The climate is always changing! But you are right of course! We should do something for the environment! Each and everyone of us!

And so, there is nothing to actually complain about! I will be back outside!

See you next time!

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