How many steps does your staircase have? How many drawers your kitchen? The truth is, details don’t matter. They are quite nice to notice, but in real life they have no importance.

Too often we are obsessed by the details. We want to know everything there is to know, even thought nobody else will ever notice. And so we go through life with the wrong focus. We don’t see the whole picture.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s in interesting concept to think things through, but necessary is it not. In fact, the more we think and try to plan ahead, the more stones we throw into our own way. The truth is, we care too much! We don’t just have this brilliant idea and start working on it. No! We think it through! We try to create a plan. But no matter how much time you invest into your strategy, life will teach you a good old lesson.

Don’t be trapped in your head focusing too much on the details. Get the concept right and then just off you go! One step at a time! It’s really not that difficult! And honestly, we can not see much further than the next corner! That’s what makes life so interesting!

See you next time!

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