Life is great when everything is right. We go through our busy days not really thinking left or right. This life doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect, but at least we are mostly calm and not in any pain. Our mind isn’t clear, but not really worried either. It’s the perfect distraction.

But once things start to happen, our busy mind is changing the focus. We are no longer able to get back into the daily business tunnel. Instead, our mind starts to focus on our problems exclusively. All the time all day long.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Meditating when everything seems ok is relatively speaking easy. You just sit there and push away your thoughts. But when you have a problem, physical or mentally, things are about to change. Of course you can try and get some rest during the meditation sessions, but most of the time I do not even get there. The worries start to take over my main focus. What is wrong with me? What doesn’t work right? Why do I feel what I feel?

The key of meditating is getting back in control. Either this or at least pretending that the mind is in control. Mine isn’t. Honestly. And the longer I struggle with my issues the harder it feels to get back in line. I am loosing hope? Not really, but I am loosing the reason for doing my meditation sessions. It just doesn’t make sense, I know. Now is the time to meditate. To use this situation as a chance. But I can’t! Well, let’s see if I will get calmer once I am back from the doctor.

See you next time!

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