We would get into the car and drive to our holiday destination. Well, that’s what normal families would do. We were different. We packed our things two days ahead of time. The car was packed one day before. No wonder I have become that organized.

I was sitting in the rear left seat. Always. A compromise! Not being able to see the speed and engine rpm is one thing, but my dad is not a fast driver. But seeing the other cars chasing by, a sensation. One day I dreamed back then, one day.

I got the idea on one of those days. The cars would fly by my window as usual. Each with a different driver. A different person. A different life story. Who are those people? Where are they driving to? What is their story?

Photo by Ahmet Cantu00fcrk on Pexels.com

Why isn’t there are movie showing that. A random scene at first sight. A family getting into the car and driving off. A second scene when the child in the rear left seat gets eye contact with another person in a car driving by. The change of the characters to this other persons life and so on and so on and so on. It wouldn’t be the classical movie. It wouldn’t be the thing people are expecting. But it would show a new perspective on life.

We all go through life following our own path. But sometimes our roads are crossing. It would be a movie focusing on life, on situations, and not on a main character. It could show the different views people have. The different perspectives that make the same situation appear different. An incident, an accident, some road works, the change of weather.

But when does the movie end? When would we have seen enough? I was a child back then and did not care about that. I just let the movie play. I imagined what they were about to do. What happened to them. Why they were also on their way.

I was just a child… What a silly idea. Who would watch that? Who would find that interesting?

See you next time!

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