#1018² RACING IS LIFE² – S7 E2 – F1 HYPE?

I am watching formula one for quite some time already. I can still remember the Sundays in my youth when my granddad would watch the races, or rather fall asleep while doing so. But actively following motorsport and formula one in particular is something that I have started around 7 years ago. True, formula one was never the top priority for me and still isn’t, but compared to some years ago, at least now it’s quite interesting. I have watched every race since 2017 or so, but this season seems to be really promising.

Is there really a formula one hype? Or do I just live my life in the racing bubble? I guess the end of the last seasons final race gave the formula one brand a long lasting impression. People talked about it all over the place. But with the new rules set of this 2022 season, the racing is just more interesting to watch anyways.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Getting up early on a Sunday morning is my usual thing to do. Nevertheless it’s interesting to see that for other people getting up early because of the formula one race in Australia is defined as something crazy or outstanding to do. Well, I guess those people just want to have the attention of their social media followers.

From the perspective of someone with an interest in motorsport for the sake of driving and not necessarily focusing on the beer and chicken wings discussion part of the game, formula one is still highly questionable. DRS, no real defense, you know the struggle. But somehow it got more attractive. You get more data, more insights, different camera angles. And so, there is indeed a hype. At least in my mind.

Mercedes failing to keep up with the pace, Red Bull troubleshooting with their unreliable car and the small teams finally having a chance in the midfield. Seeing a Ferrari up front is a good thing to see!

I can’t wait for the next race.

See you next time!

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