#1019² TO THE TOP  ↑² – S2 E2 – MISTAKES

Let’s face it. We all do them! Mistakes are a part of life. It’s not important to avoid them, on the contrary, it’s important to deal with them the right way.

A mistake, no matter how big or small it is, is an indicator that there is something we have to learn. Mistakes happen! Deal with it! But that’s the problem, right? How should we deal with them?

When we are entering a new field, most of the things are unknown. The environment, the rule set, the routine, the way things are supposed to be done. Over time we learn. It’s always like that. But that time can become quite difficult! Especially if you hate mistakes as much as I do.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Doing a mistake hurts! Not mentally, but physically. It’s true! I can feel it! And so, at least in the past, I was quite keen on avoiding them. Of course they happened from time to time. But never on a regular basis! Today this has changed quite dramatically. I am doing this blog wrong for the last 1018 days. But putting my bad jokes aside, indeed, today I make mistakes quite regular. It has become a part of my strategy, at least on my private side of life, but unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes also happening on the business side. Getting thrown into a shark tank is always a bit of a struggle, but we can fight our way back out! Always!

Mistakes are good! At least in the long run! Of course it hurts today and probably even tomorrow! But sooner or later we understand! Sooner or later we have learned our lesson! We took the next step! We have improved.

See you next time!

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