Yes, it’s my first week off from work since Christmas. I worked four month straight. But the truth is, I do not even want to have those days off. Sure, I have more time for my other hobbies, agreed! But I am not yet where I wanted to be at work. The last half year or so was hard and a break is probably the right thing for my body. But do I need a break? I hate breaks! It’s so boring! I want to get back to work!

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com

My life is perfect, nearly. Sure, I do not have the Porsche, but that’s not the problem I face these days. It’s my health. Everything else in life becomes useless once your health isn’t were it is supposed to be. I need to figure out what is wrong. I have to find a way out of this. And this week off will probably help me out of there. I will have a lot of time to think and to feel into my body. What does my body wants to tell me? Where should I be more careful? What do I have to change?

And so I will practice doing nothing. Or at least trying to. Doing boring things doesn’t sound like the way you want to spend your holidays but for me this is the hardest challenge. I have to become more relaxed, more chilled. I have to cool down. Wish me luck!

See you next time!

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