It’s obvious, we have to be in control. We don’t have to rule over the world, but over our own body and mind. But we all know that, it’s just so difficult to get there.

Fair enough, I have started off with an advantage. I had myself well under control even as a little child. I had the discipline of a wise man. Sadly only the discipline and not the knowledge. But that’s a different story. But even if we think we have life well under control, just let something little happen and observe how our control goes off into flames. An issue with our body, health issues, a difficult situation at work. Life is throwing various challenges into our way. In fact, it will throw as many challenges as needed until we understand.

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

If there is one thing you can actually start right now it is this. Get back in control over yourself!

See you next time!

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